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One stop shop for total body wellness

  • Wellness Analysis 

  • Four pillars coaching (Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress) 

  • CORE Strength Exercise Plans

  • Personalized Fitness Programs 

  • Nutrition and Supplement Strategies  

I help clients create BALANCE in their lives by taking a holistic approach to wellness. 

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Myself and my methods

 Mindset, Mentoring, Motivation and Massive Action

Throughout my professional career, working with people has been my passion. I have 21 years coaching experience in sports, exercise, nutritional counselling and over the last 4 years I have combined my mentoring and life skills practice together to include transformational wellness coaching.

During my years of coaching I have learned the importance of patience, communication and differentiation of teaching methods based on an individual’s needs. I have coached hundreds of clients in both private and group settings and I have come to realize that there isn’t one method; every client needs specific programming and care that is developed for their unique self.

My mission is to discover what works for you, what doesn’t and how to integrate new concepts into your life that will impact you for a stronger, happier, healthier YOU.

My clientele has spanned from high-level Iron Man athletes to those in need of slow-building rehabilitation services and everyone in between- there is no client I shy away from.

I seek to inspire those that I work with and to contribute to your health and well-being by providing the best individualized care through the 4 pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress). I coach, mentor, provide resources and inspire you create balance in your life through my holistic approach to wellness. 

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"Ashley has been a monumental role within the expansion in my life. she has helped me heal internal wounds with a loving and nurturing perspective that made it safe to share some most darkest shadows that could be faced with her presence alone."

Natalie Galle - Wellness Client

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Services Offered

For more detail please see the "services page" - located in the site menu

At Ashley Eden Wellness Coaching, I strive to satisfy all my clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality services. Each individual has unique needs, which means they each require a specific combination of activities or treatments to help them find wellness. Please visit my services page for detailed info and pricing for each service offered.


Wellness Coaching Call

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Transformational Wellness Coaching


Holistic Nutrition

Unique plan only for you

Don't know where to start?

Feel like you have tried everything?

Not where you want to be?

We need to find out what your specific body needs and how to incorporate it into your existing lifestyle. This one time call is for me to assess your current situation and establish a plan that will work for you. 

Free 30 minute consultation

I used to always see the negative! I thought I had bad luck and everything happened to me. I was anxious about anything and everything-  i lived in fear and it was ruining my life. I was depressed, medicated and missing out!

I am here to tell you that it can all change. Now I truly believe that everything works out for me - and it does!

Transformational Wellness coaching is all about...

* Shifting mindset

* Manifesting what you want

* Taking massive action

Click the link below to check out the "Framework" or check out "Services Available' section for more. 

"You are what you eat"

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist you need to know what is the right nutritional fit for your body. I can provide you a report that includes Nutri-Systems Profile (NSP) Overview, Diet Recommendations, Supplement Protocol, Lifestyle Changes & Psycho-Spiritual Recommendations, and Meal Plan.


CORE Training


Zoom Personal Training

Best Techniques for your
deep core system

If you struggle with...

* Back Pain 

* Weak bladder/pelvic floor

* Diastasis Recti

* Mummy tummy

* Want to lift heavier

Did you know that it could be a quick fix with a little deep core love and attention. I can show you how!

Much more than just a vitrual class

Anyone can watch a YouTube workout video or catch someone's Instagram workout.

This is different!!

In-home real time Personal Training. Workouts built for your body and your goals. 

I correct you on the spot, support you, hold you accountable and we set goals till we see each other again. 

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Want to work with me? 

Ready to step into a new you? 

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