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"I have been working with Ashley for the past 6 months.  She is a very skilled and qualified trainer.  She has done so much more for me than just personal training.  Ashley goes above and beyond to help you in all aspects of your mind and body health. I highly recommend you have her in your life.  She will always be there for you.   Truly a gifted soul with the most honourable intentions!"

Mia Liefso

Owner-Bradford Skin Clinic

"Ashley has been a monumental role within the expansion in my life. she has helped me heal internal wounds with a loving and nurturing perspective that made it safe to share some most darkest shadows that could be faced with her presence alone. She helped me physically and mentally through a mind body connection that allowed me to reconnect core muscles that have not been nourished in years. Her empowering divine feminine love has helped me establish better relationships with women and allowed me to become the most best version of myself to continue paying it forward as she has taught me. Ashley thank you always truly for seeing my light within the darkness. I love you ❤️"

Natalie Galle

"I spent some time training with Ashley for a couple of weeks as a trial and will certainly be reaching out to her in the future to resume what we began. I am interested in holistic living and I appreciated Ashley's ability to really listen to my unique needs and health challenges. I'm in tune with my body, strive to eat well, and live a life that is health-centered. I had just come out of a very sickly state and was at a point of re-building my body. So, it was important to be heard and yet challenged at the same time. Ashley developed an excellent program that targeted my specific areas of concern. She absolutely knew how to start with reconditioning my mind-body connection as well as focusing on my core. I felt stronger, was definitely challenged more working with her than if I simply went to the gym and used the equipment on my own. The circuits she developed were on point, targeting a balanced range of muscles and I like how it was tailored to helping me function better in my work as a wellness practitioner. I look forward to working with Ashley again in the future and committing to a longer program to achieve my goals."

Christina Schifitto

Owner-Pure Vibes

"I have known Ashley for several years now. I have been a client of Ashley’s at Goodlife on many occasions over the years, and received guidance from her to achieve my health goals we set together. As my personal trainer, Ashley would instruct me with physical exercises and workout techniques. Ashley would coach me through a variety of circuits at the gym, while customizing exercises to accommodate my physical ability. Ashley has the determination and passion it takes to motivate her clients to putting in their best effort. I feel Ashley helped me build healthy habits with regard to exercising and nutritious eating, as she also put together a food guide for me to follow on my own. Ashley’s supportive personality will help anyone seeking mentorship, personal training, or a life coach."

Cameron Miner

"Ashley puts her heart and soul into the work she does. Always going above and beyond for her clients with extra tools and support. She takes a holistic lifestyle approach to fitness and health. She is an empathetic, compassionate woman and meets her clients exactly where they need to be met. She has an overflowing backpack of tools and knowledge to help you take ownership of your life, health and happiness.
The first time I met Ashley we were at a conference meeting and I was drawn to her energy before even speaking to her; I knew I had to get to know her! We went for lunch afterwards and YEP my gut was right. She was so open, loving and provided a safe and supportive space for me to share my stories.
Ashley has a magnetic affect, once you meet her you'll want to spend more and more time with her! Why? Because she is radiating positive energy and has the expertise and knowledge to help you change your life for the better!
Thank you Ashley for saving me with your words and practices many times ❤️✨"

Rylin Talbot 

"My time with Ashley, I always looked forward to. We had fun, worked hard and laughed a lot with each other. Ashley knew what buttons to push with me. She knew when to back off with me if I was hurting but she also knew when to push me even if I did not want to do the exercise! That to me is the true sign of a great trainer - knowing the client and how to make them achieve better results. I hit the jackpot by working with Ashley Acheson!

I would simply tell anyone who has the chance to work with Ashley to run, not walk, towards the opportunity to work with this incredibly talented coach. I cannot put it any more simply than that."

Thomas Catania 

"On Friday , my prayers were answered. I have your space and energy to thank for that. I am filled with gratitude and love. I've had severe eczema on my hands for the last month. Yesterday it cleared up 90% and today it's almost gone. I've been in so much pain with it, could barely use my hands. I can't thank you enough. Thank you Ashley, for your time, your energy and for gracing this earth with your light."

Women's Circle Participant 

"The strength you've shown in every approach was classy and elegant . That gentleness and softness has stayed with me . And so, is silent empowerment."


"You have improved my life significantly; you have opened my eyes to many things such as, how to be a leader, how to connect to people and that it is important to be consistent and persistent. Thank you for being my greatest push in starting my career and developing me as an individual."

Bon Tran Owner -Bon Tran Fitness

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