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I aim to help all of my clients achieve the best versions of themselves by teaching them how to create BALANCE within their lives. Together we focus on the 4 pillars of health; exercise, sleep, nutrition and stress and we create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle in order to create optimal wellness. 

I offer a variety of services such as; consulting, transformational coaching, CORE training, nutrition and supplement strategies, online personal training and women's retreats.

All of my services are available from the comfort of your own home through virtual meetings. 

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Personal Training 

Offered virtually or through a specific training facility Ontario (inquire for details)

Whether you are new to training, recovering from an injury or just looking to change up your routine, personal training may be a great option for you. I have been coaching for 2 decades and specifically working one on one in a gym setting for the last 8 years.

My approach varies from client to client based on your goals, needs and current lifestyle.

My method is to educate, encourage functional movements, hold you accountable, create permanent lifestyle changes and get results. I also form very strong connections with my clients, we learn from each other and have fun doing it.

My services are only available out of a specific fitness facility within Bradford, Ontario or virtually. 

Please contact for details.

CORE Training 

Best Techniques for a stronger core


As a CORE specialist I will focus on re-strengthening and rehabilitation of your core. If you struggle with back pain, weakness of the bladder, mummy tummy or a diastasis I can help you. Learn why crunches aren't effective, how to utilize the core breath and how to really strengthen your deep core muscles to benefit your whole body.


Three 1 hour virtual sessions (must be completed within the month purchased).

Additional resources sent via email to ensure your success. 

Recommendations for future success upon last session. 

Platinum Package- Creating a life of balance- for those seeking big changes!

10 weeks of coaching and change - $150 per week for 10 weeks.

This package is designed to get you results, change and give you the support and accountability you need to succeed.

This 10 week package has proven to be very successful in creating long-term lifestyle change no matter what the goal. It can be molded to suit what you need and take advantage of the many services I offer. 

What's included:

All the benefits of the silver package plus 9 additional live virtual coaching sessions. 

One session weekly via zoom.

Daily and weekly focuses/homework. 


These coaching sessions will be used as needed and could include but are not limited to; exercise, nutrition, life-coaching, meditation and mindfulness training and/or additional therapies.

Get in Touch

 Gold Package- Let me help you balance 

Assessment, coaching call, plan and 1 coaching session weekly for 1 month. (Total 4 sessions) $325.00

You will receive all the benefits of the silver package plus 3 additional virtual coaching sessions (roughly 30 minutes in length). 

These coaching sessions will be used as needed and could include but are not limited to; exercise, nutrition, life-coaching, meditation and mindfulness training and/or additional therapies. 

Silver Package- Balance specifics

Assessment, coaching call and comprehensive plan including; exercise, sleep, stress, nutrition and supplement plan. $225.00

With the silver package your receive all the benefits of the bronze package plus...

3-day sample meal plan built around your health concerns.

Supplement recommendations.

Specific lifestyle counsel.

Follow-up email send with your action items and plan. 

Bronze Package - Introducing balance into your life!

Assessment, call and general exercise, sleep, stress and nutrition recommendations. $180.00

 Each person is unique and needs a different approach and a specific program designed for them. My 21 years of coaching has given me the skills and knowledge to quickly discover the best approach in order to create both long-lasting and do-able results, based on your current lifestyle. 

Together we will look at YOUR 4 pillars of health (exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress) and we will discover what is and isn't working for you; and what you need moving forward in order to create manageable change.

What's included:

Detailed assessment and NSP body scan (conducted through intake forms)

60 minute zoom coaching session to meet, discuss your health and wellness and receive a general nutrition, exercise and lifestyle plan on the spot. 

This service is a combination of assessment, mentorship and coaching. I will provide resources, actionable items and further services if needed.   

This is a great place to start!

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