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Wake up to your true self!

How do I remember to wake up to the spiritual dimension of my life? 💜 When we are in the mind (some call it the ego) we get away from full bodied presence and the spiritual self. The spiritual self is merely the place where you are mindful of the present moment. This beautiful space allows you to be happy with what is, be grateful for the moment you are in, sense more of what is around you, release anxiety because you are not in the future, let go of regret and saddness because you are not in the past. The hamster wheel stops spinning and you can just be present and without judgement of the space in which you are. So, how do you get there? That leads us back to the first question. What things are you doing in your life that bring these moments to you? Gratitude lists, being in nature, working out, taking time to breath, reading, spending time with people you are in alignment with, listening to music, travelling....what is it for you?

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