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Come out for this CORE changing workshop.

Learn what you can do to improve your core strength and lose the mummy tummy. If you struggle with diastasis, incontinence issues, back/neck or shoulder pain, poor posture, and general core weakness; this 3 hour workshop will give you the skills needed for total core confidence.


This hands on workshop will guide you through breathing techniques that are vital to increasing oxygen in the body, reducing stress and learning the 'core breath'.


You will also participate in rib-cage and T-spine mobility exercises intended to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as needed for effective breathing.


Finally, learn proper pelvic floor cueing and core strength exercises so that you can be in control of your body and feel stable and strong. All of my methods are based on the latest research and tried and tested. You just have to agree to do them daily to make the difference. 


What you will get from signing up:

* 3 hour virtual workshop addressing all your CORE needs (see above)

* Food guide (with emphasis on CORE friendly foods) emailed to you

* Exercise guide (with video instructions) 

* Chance to be entered in the draw for a FREE 1 hour coaching 1:1 spot (valued at 150.00- includes sleep, stress, diet and exercise assessment)


**Please note, we cannot issue refunds or returns on this workshop. We are more than welcome to apply a credit toward another product, transfer the workshop to a friend or family member or keep a credit for you to use for a future event. Thank you for your understanding. 

THE ULTIMATE CORE WORKSHOP- February 20th 9am-12pm

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